The Money Worship Bought by Gossip Girl

Nowadays, the most popular soap opera, Gossip Girl, brings a fashion trend among us, especially in teenagers. Most of them would like to copy the main characters of the series from dress, makeup, food, and so on. But, some people hold against this view. Is it really necessary for us to dress like a movie star in daily life? According to an investigation on this topic in 100 people, 10% is positive, 15% is neutral, and others are negative. As for me, I am in the 15%’s.

Although some countries, companies as well as families are still struggling in the chain influence caused by economic crisis started in the 2007, most of countries’ economy is back to stable and even start to improving. It enables citizens to afford a bit luxury, like watches, shoes, and handbags. And I believe that appropriate stimulation to consumption can promote economy recovery. Take China as example, the average consumption rate of people in dressing is 3.5% higher than last year during the golden week of National Day. And the average income rate of the department store is 5.9% higher.

Besides, beautiful clothes or brand accessories can help us build confidence and establish perfect image. Dress not only protect us against cold but demonstrates our inner cultivation in some aspects. Many entertainment newspapers like to publish stars’ photos in their daily life. Some photos are attractive and adorable. But, some will undermine the stars’ reputation, which show they are in normal dress instead of brands.

However, we are not encouraged to pursuit brands, especially for teenagers. As Gossip Girl is getting hot, quit a few high school students now like to compare their dress, jewels and handbags with each other. I don’t think it is necessary for a high school student to dress like a movie star since they don’t have much income. If they put more attention to their appearance in stead of study, how can they create a bright future after graduating from high school? Despite of can not successfully enter into the college, they are wasting their parents’ money.

But, I think the parents should take some responsibility in this money-worship phenomenon. The spending money of high school students is limitation. How can they suppose to buy brand clothes and bags one by one, like Channel, Armani? I guess the answer is they ask their parents to buy to them. This spoiling encourages teenagers’ comparison in material.